High-Efficiency Furnaces

Furnaces gave a AFUE rating that is represented as percentage. AFUE tells you how much heat the furnace will produce compared to the amount of energy required to produce the heat A base line furnace is 80% which means 20% of the energy used is lost. The best furnace available is the Ruud U98V which is 98% AFUE.

Gas Furnaces

Gold 98% Gas Furnace

98% AFUE which guarantees this furnace makes the most out of every drop of fuel. This furnace works with a smart thermostat that sends alerts and can be managed from your mobile phone. The 98% is a variable speed which means is adapts to your climate and will utilize 40-100% of its total capacity, saving you money on run time/power and keeping your more comfortable at home.

Silver 95% – Gas Furnace

95% AFUE has a constant torque motor which can vary speed and adjust to your homes needs vs a PSC motor that is designed to only turn on and off.

Bronze 80% Gas Furnace

80% AFUR is a base line standard furnace designed for reliability. It has a psc motor and is a single stage operation.